Toronto’s Population to Grow by 1.2 Million Within 10 Years

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Toronto’s Population to Grow by 1.2 Million Within 10 Years
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We are growing faster the next 3 closest North American cities combined. A safe city with a stable economy and massive job boom makes Toronto a very attractive city to live in.


As more and more Boomers downsize, demand for smaller living spaces is expected to rise, favouring units with maximum livability, walkability, accessibility and transit options.

By 2030, neither we not our great city will be the same – not after the arrival of a million new faces, lifting Greater Toronto’s population to eight million. Not after the changing of the generational guard, as the last of the Baby Boom retires, passing leadership to younger, more diverse, more digitally dexterous hands.

If you thought the last 10 years packed a disruptive wallop, brace yourself: it’s going to happen all over again. And again after that.

This time around, Toronto’s growth spurt is projected to unfold into an era of electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and driverless everything. It promises to be a transformative decade, perhaps the most consequential 10 years the city has ever known.

But the generational shift could also help solve a challenge that has vexed planners for years — how to win zoning changes to add multi-unit density in the city’s “yellowbelt,” that vast expanse of semi-detached and detached housing that comprises an estimated 70 per cent of Toronto’s residential neighbourhoods.

As urbanist Richard Florida has repeatedly forewarned, Toronto, in the absence of major civil ambition, is at risk of failing to realize its full potential as a modern global metropolis. What is needed, he argues, is a new, regionwide model for growth: no more outward sprawl, much more densification, making the most of the space it has, replete with ambitious transit investments akin to what New York City undertook decades ago.

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